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Everything you need to compete in Kumite.

All the equipment you need to compete in Kumite. The lightest and strongest karategis. Karate Mitts, red and blue foot and shin guards of the best brands: Shureido (WKF) and Kaiten (RFEK). Kumite belts, lighter and easier to knot. Mouthguards and special protections for children’s categories.

1.- Elige el Karategui

Choose the Gi: Shureido Waza or Kaiten Hiyaku Both are WKF approved. Super light and resistant. If you have any doubts about which one suits you best, don’t missthis article comparing the two models

2.- Elige el cinturón para Kumite

Kumite belts are lighter and easier to knot. You can choose the Japanese brand Shureido or the European brand Kaiten, both with WKF homologation.

Protecciones obligatorias

These are the mandatory protections for Kumite competition: mitts, foot and shin guards, mouthguard, body protector and female chest protector. In addition, for children’s categories we must add the helmet and forearms. The use of male and female groin guard is also recommended, although it is not mandatory.

Homologadas WKF

Homologadas RFEK

4.- Protectores bucales

Choose the best protection for your teeth. Hajime Karate is an official distributor of the SISU brand, the best mouthguards on the market. Adaptable, thin and with maximum protection. You won’t try another one like it.

Mochilas y bolsas de Karate

And finally, choose a sports bag to carry your karate equipment. We offer you different options from Shureido or Kaiten.

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