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Karategi Shureido Waza WKF approved by the World Karate Federation. The Shureido logo is embroidered on the neck and chest of the Karategi. It is a karategi designed for Kumite competitors. Its ultra-lightweight fabric promotes movement, breathability and comfort.


From 1 January 2023 it will be compulsory at all official WKF events to wear World Karate Federation approved karateguis with RED and BLUE embroidered shoulder markings.

Tailor-made garment

We personalise your garments so that they fit completely to your measurements. If you choose this option, do not worry about the choice of size. Once we receive your order, our specialist will adapt the size to your measurements and we will inform you in case there is a credit or surcharge to be made.

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The Karategi Shureido Waza is a World Karate Federation (WKF) approved competition suit made in Okinawa.

It is a karategi specially designed for kumite competitors by Shureido. The Waza stands out for its lightness and breathability, which allows karatekas to be very comfortable on the tatami.

The Shureido Waza is a Gi that looks spectacular, it is a karategi with an elegant cut and that totally adapts to the body enhancing your figure. It also has a white tone, characteristic of the whole range of Shureido karateguis, which is very eye-catching.

If you are looking for a suit to compete in kumite, the Shureido Waza WKF karate suit is definitely the best choice. reviews ekomi

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Karategi Size

1/130 cm, 1.5/140 cm, 2/150 cm, 2.5/155 cm, 3/160 cm, 3.5/165 cm, 4/170 cm, 4.5/175 cm, 5/180 cm, 5.5/185 cm, 6/190 cm, 6.5/195 cm, 7/200 cm, 7.5/205 cm, 8/210 cm




Cotton and Polyester