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Karategi, keikogi, dogi, karate suit, karate uniform… Those are the names of clothes used to practice Karate. The karate suit consists of white jacket and pants. Also, with a belt that starts from white for beginners.

For those starting out in Karate world, we recommend a 100% cotton karategi because of its comfort. For someone who practices Kumite, a light karategi which transpires very well and approved by the World Karate Federation (WKF) will be necessary. But for Kata practitioners, a karategi with a marked SNAP effect, full-bodied and average weight will be the most suitable. There are karatekas who prefer to invest in a tailor made karategi. Other karatekas look for a traditional karategi because they feel very comfortable to endure long training sessions in Gasshuku, events or karate seminars.