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About Hajime Karate: Tradition and Front-line

“Hajime Karate is passion, dedication, service and respect for karate-do: we offer solutions for karatekas of all styles who love this martial art and know that karate-do does not end at the Dojo …”

Hajime Karate offers the best quality and variety of equipment for karate: tradition and front-line for all ages and degrees of experience. We are a company where you can find from material of initiation to customized karategis and belts of the most established and prestigious brands in the world of this martial art.

Thanks to the professionalism, spirit and dedication of the team, Hajime Karate takes care of all the details, needs and personalized orders of karatekas, Dojos, clubs and Senseis.

Hajime Karate is passion,

dedication, service and

respect for karate-do

Hajime Karate: For many children who start a day with a white belt and are not yet aware that this will be their first step of a long journey. Those karatekas who will pursue their dreams and goals, humbly avoiding fears and obstacles which will appear on the way. For those who, before entering the Dojo, feel that emotion of the first day and continue to breathe karate after their training, because it means much more than a martial art. For others, who will sometimes doubt or abandon their practice due to different circumstances but maybe one day resume their new beginning with more energy and eagerness… For those free spirits who choose the path of Karate-do because they want to, because they are passionate about it or because their life doesn’t mean anything without it. Those who are not so young when they start practicing karate with their grandchildren because they feel that it is never too late for a new life and a new beginning. And for all those who, although they do not practice it, give respect and admiration to this martial art. For all of them,




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