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The World Karate Federation (WKF) has announced that from 1 January 2023 it will be compulsory at all official WKF events to wear “WKF approved” karategis with RED and BLUE embroidered shoulder markings.

According to the world federation,since 2017, the optional use of karategis with the embroidered brands on the shoulders, in red or blue, has been authorized for Karate – 1 Events (Premier League, Series A and Youth League).

In 2020, it was approved the mandatory use of them for Karate – 1 Premier League events and optional use for all WKF events, including World Championships.

During these 6 years, the number of competitors who have chosen to use this type of karategi has significantly increased, making it easier for spectators to identify athletes, as well as greater visibility and showiness of the competition

On the other hand, this greater brand exposure on “WKF Approved” karategi “increase the possibilities of obtaining sponsors for both NFs and athletes”

Based on the above mentioned, the WKF Executive Committee approved on October 22, 2021, the mandatory use of “WKF Approved” karategis with embroidered brands on the shoulders, in RED and BLUE, in all WKF official events (World Championships and Karate 1 – Premier League, Series A and Youth League) from January 1, 2023.

And this is all that the WKF announcement says. But this raises a lot of questions and in this article we will try to answer them:

What happens between September 2022 and January 2023?

For the time being, the karategui with embroidery on the shoulders cannot yet be used in WKF competitions, except in the following events Premier League, Series A and Youth League. For all other competitions and until the regulations take effect on 1 January 2023, the approved karateguis will be the same as at present.

How do I identify that the embroidery is original WKF?

All the embroidery on the karategui must be in exactly the same colour, red or blue. The size for shoulder embroidery is between 13 and 19cm.

Prior to 2023, the karategui approved by the WKF was the one with the WKF logo on the chest and back of the neck. Now we have seen how each brand has had to adapt its logo because it can only be embroidered in red or blue. In the case of the Shureido brand, leader in Kata karateguis, as its logo is red and blue, it has been adapted to be in one of these two colours, but not both. For example, the Kaiten brand logo is only red and you will have to create another version of the logo in blue. What is important is that all the markings of the karategui are in the same colour, either red or blue.

What about national competitions?

We will have to be aware of the regulations in each country. For example, in Japan, the National Federation does not allow the use of shoulder-branded embroidered karateguis for its national Karate events. However, the Royal Spanish Karate Federation (RFEK) will allow it from January 2023 although it will not be compulsory. Therefore, until that date, any karategui may be used to compete in Karate championships in Spain, but karateguis with embroidery on the shoulders may not be worn at national events. This will only be possible from January 2023 when the WKF regulations come into force.

Regulation in Spain in 2023.

From 2023 Spain will adapt its rules to allow competitors to wear the same WKF-approved karateguis with embroidery on the shoulders for all national competitions to help competitors in their economy and to avoid competitors having to buy several uniforms depending on the championships they participate in. But we would like to point out that they cannot be used until January 2023.

Therefore, despite the new WKF rules becoming effective, any karategui can be used to compete in national events. It is not compulsory to wear the WKF label to compete in national Karate championships in Spain. Lately there has been a widespread idea that in order to compete you need to wear a better suit, especially for those competitors who participate in more championships or who start to move up in the ranking. Therefore, it is important to highlight that in Spain it will be possible to continue competing with the suits homologated until now, with the classic logo on the chest and back of the neck, or with any other model without labels. The Royal Spanish Karate Federation only requires the protections to be homologated, but neither for karateguis nor for belts is homologation necessary. They are a mainstream preference as they are higher quality and better finished, but not a requirement. It is not compulsory, but a choice. This will also be applicable from 2023 onwards.

What options are available to me in Hajime Karate?

Shureido karateguis with shoulder embroidery are now available on our website. Kaiten ones from November onwards. If you want to be notified when they arrive,send us an emailto make a pre-booking.

Karateguis Shureido WKF with embroidery on shoulders AVAILABLE NOW.

Karateguis Shureido WKF with embroidery on shoulders AVAILABLE NOW. You can also buy the previous format at a discount.

WKF options for Shureido Kata and Kumite are now available! At Hajime you can buy the Waza and New Wave 3 WKF Karateguis that comply with the World Karate Federation regulations for the year 2023.

Karategui New Wave 3 WKF with embroidery on the shoulders Karategui Waza WKF with embroidery on the shoulders

Hajime Karate also offers the possibility to buy just the jacket or just the trousers, so that you don’t have to buy a complete karategui if you don’t need it.

In addition, discount codes are available for the purchase of two Shureido New Wave 3 WKF jackets and/or 2 Shureido New Wave 3 WKF 2023 jackets and 1 pair of Shureido New Wave 3 WKF 2023 trousers. Enter the products and add the discount code in the shopping cart.

Shureido New Wave 3 WKF Jacket Embroidered Shoulders Blue / Red Shureido Waza WKF Jacket Embroidered Shoulders Blue / Red



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