Custom Fit Mouth Guard


Custom fit mouth Guard without hot water. Valid for all ages. Suitable for all contact sports. Allows to speak to the karateka once adapted. It is a method of prevention of injuries in mouth, teeth and jaw.


DIRECTIONS FOR FITTING (custom fit mouth Guard) take out removable bridgework before fitting mouth guard. Carefully remove foil seal from plastic cup. Add all the liquid to the powder in the cup and stir it with spoon provided for 10 to 20 seconds. Stir until all the powder is thoroughly mixed and wet. Immediately use the spoon to fill the shell with the mixture. Make sure the shell is completely filled. Allow filled mouth guard to stand for at least 2 minutes. It is ready when a light touch of the filler material leaves a fingerprint. Insert mouth guard into mouth, centering upper teeth in channel. Do this slowly and carefully – do not rush. When guard is centered, push the back of the guard up over back teeth; then push the front up over the front teeth. Close mouth gently to a comfortable position. Do not bite down hard. Allow guard to remain in mouth, undisturbed for 5 minutes while mixture is setting. After 5 minutes, remove guard and rinse with water. If it is too long, cut off the excess from the back. If you see any sharp areas when you cut it, use a nail file to smooth it out. You can wash it with hot water and a toothbrush. reviews ekomi

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