Shureido Black Towel Karate Do


Shureido towel with Karate Do in kanji.
Size: 34 x 87 cm
100 % cotton. Made in Japan.

Imabari towel (product characteristics are specified below).

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Shureido Karate Do towel written in kanji, 100 % cotton.
Made in Japan.
Imabari towel

What the Imabari Towel is? Imabari is a Japanese town with a long tradition of more than 120 years in towel production. In Japan, the “Imabari Towel” is known for its high quality. This is due to its warm climate and the abundance and quality of its groundwater, which is very low in heavy metals and low in hardness, together with constant innovation. Today, “Imabari Towel” has become a prestigious towel all over the world.

Imabari Towel Features: Imabari Towel has very strict production standards.
1. Rapid water absorption
2. Retains its softness and colour for a long period of time.
3. Highly resistant to washing reviews ekomi