My first Karate book


Didactic children’s book where your children will learn the different branches of Karate-do, its rules and fundamentals.


This small didactic guide where through Hugo you will learn the basic rules and fundamentals of Karate-do. It shows the most known styles; Shito-Ryu, Shotokan and Goju-Ryu. He also explains in an entertaining way the different kinds of competition, Katas and Kumite. It is a great support to reach his dream and to achieve his black belt in the future. It shows a wide range of techniques and positions, as well as different forms of defence, and forms of fist and leg strikes, Katas, Ukemis…It also covers the most important types of kumite, helping the young karateka to consolidate their learning and mastery of this beautiful and interesting martial art, along with their daily training. reviews ekomi