Strenght training bracelets (2 uds)


Weighted training bracelets with a total weight of up to 1 kg. Flexible and adjustable for training at home or in the gym. A plus for your daily training! Perfect to complement karate, yoga, pilates, or any other discipline. For wrists or ankles. The bands are easily removable so you can wash them with water or soap or even disinfect them easily. They are sold in pairs of 0.5kg each. If you would like to include more bands to add weight, please email us at

One size | Adjustable model | Matte colors


Training bracelets weighing 0.5kg each, ideal for getting the most out of your training sessions. These wrist and ankle weights are perfect as a complement to your routines and high precision workouts. Available in various matt colours: black, pink and green. The pieces are easily adjustable to increase or decrease the training weight. The belts have rounded edges and can be washed or disinfected with soap and water. A must-have accessory if you want to get more out of your training sessions with high-precision exercises. Every day more and more karatekas use this product to improve their routines on the tatami. reviews ekomi

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Black, Green, Pink