Trocellen Yoga Mat Biobased Grip


Trocellen Biobased Grip Yoga Mat Turquoise Blue.

Dimensions: 0,65m wide x 1,75m long x 4mm thick.

From the Italian brand Trocellen we launch this mat specially designed for the practice of yoga, with an excellent grip effect due to its anti-slip characteristics.


This mat is manufactured by Trocellen for regular yoga practice. With balanced dimensions for all types of users; 175cm long, 65cm wide and 4mm thick, providing comfort and balance. With a powerful grip effect. It is comfortable to carry and has good stability and flatness on the floor with only 0.5kg weight. It can be easily washed. In addition, it is environmentally friendly as sustainable raw materials from natural resources of plant origin have been used for its manufacture.

Its use is compatible with underfloor heating and cooling.

This mat will help you find your balance. reviews ekomi