WKF Approved Shureido Female BodyGuard Ultra Lightweight protector for Karate


New women’s Karate chest protector approved by the WKF.
Strong and ultra-lightweight women’s karate chest protector that offers greater comfort to women karatekas as it is made in one piece. With this chest protector you avoid wearing two pieces to protect the chest area: the female protector that only protects the chest and the light protector to protect the ribs and abdomen area. Now, with this new design, you have it all in a single bib and brace, for greater comfort and cost savings.

Made of a super flexible material that allows a better fit and comfort to cope with the tough demands of karate.


If you want the casing, we propose two alternatives:
WKF Approved Women’s Shureido WKF Chest Protectors
o Kaiten Women’s Protector casing homologated by the RFEK.

How to choose the right size?
Choose your size according to your height:
S: 130-152cm, M: 152-170cm, L: 170-188 cm, XL: +188cm.

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WKF Approved Shureido Female BodyGuard Ultra Lightweight protector for Karate
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Technical specifications

Shureido BodyGuard Ultra Lightweight Women’s Karate Protector.
Since the mandatory use of body protectors by the WKF, women have been forced to wear two pieces to protect the chest. This new WKF-approved women’s chest protector offers a practical and comfortable one-piece solution that can be used in conjunction with the plastic shell.

CE certificates: EN-13277/1: 2000, EN-13277/3: 2014, EU 2016/425.
The World’s first Women’s Karate Body Protector.
Flexible for best fit. Super comfort 4 way stretch texture fabric top. Breathable foam inside. Tought nylon outside. Non scratch Velcro closure.
Sizes S, M, L, XL.


Woman competitor


Kumite WKF


Cadet, Junior, Under-21 and Senior Kumite.

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S, M, L, XL