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hajimekarate.com is an Authorised SISU ResellerMaximum protection for your teeth with the new SISU mouthguard. It is 50% thinner than conventional mouthpieces and at the same time more resistant. Junior model for 7-10 years. TALK! BREATHE! DRINK!


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Sisu Adult : 67 mm X 50 mm X 1.6 mm

hajimekarate.com is an Authorised SISU ResellerState-of-the-art multisport mouth guard. Perfect to practise Karate At 1.6mm thick, the Aero’s ultralight design is 50% thinner than conventional sports mouthguards, providing maximum comfort and convenience. Combined with its quick, custom, and moldable fit. It is a mouthpiece that can be used in a multitude of sports: Taekwondo, Rugby, boxing, Hockey, basketball … It allows you to speak, breathe and drink without taking it off. You can choose from a multitude of sports.

It is removable up to 20 times. This means that once you have the shape, it lasts for several months, but if over time it disengages a little, the adjustment can be repeated and! like the first day again! You do not need paste, just hot water at 60º for approximately 2 minutes and then adapt it to your teeth for 3 minutes.

It is compatible with braces, you just have to talk to your dentist and he will help you shape it. You have to talk to your dentist and he will help you shape it.


At 1.6mm thick, the SISU Junior Mouthguard is so small and comfortable that children don’t feel the constant need to take it off, making it a cleaner and healthier mouthguard. The size of this children’s mouth guard is ideal for children ages 7-10. If your child wears braces, use Aero Guard regardless of age.


Add extra protection for your teeth with the PRO model for high impact sports. At 2.4mm thick, the PRO mouthguard offers the most protection of all SISU mouthguards, but is still 30% thinner than conventional sports mouthguards. Fits true to size so you can talk, breathe and drink better than ever. It really is the best of both worlds. Especially recommended for Karate.

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