Iron Ishi Sashi


Made of first-class f1 iron.
Weight: 5 kg each piece. Ask us for details!

A traditional training tool. Essential element in Hojo Undo.

*Handmade product made to order, so sometimes, if we do not have stock, it may take a few days.


This traditional Japanese martial arts training tool is used in some sub-styles of karate. And it serves to develop the strength of the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders. This is known as Hojo Undo, which is traditional strength training.

Ishi Sashi is usually iron, stone or concrete weights to strengthen the hand. Martial arts students should grasp the Ishi Sashi and swing the weight around or hold the Ishi Sashi steady with the weight extended. Training with an Ishi Sashi is modestly easier than training with a Chishi as students do not have to handle an extended weight. Exercising with Ishi Sashi and/or Chishi provides a training similar to that of the modern bells. reviews ekomi