Beech Wood Oar (Eku)


Handmade. Beech Wood

*Handmade product made to order, so sometimes, if we do not have stock, it may take a few days.


The origin of this weapon is very old. It was originated by Okinawan fishermen to protect themselves from possible Chinese invasion and they adapted the oars into a self-defence weapon. The result is an excellent air cutting weapon with high destructive power. The use of this weapon is similar to that of the Bō, although due to its physiognomy, with its shifted centre of gravity and heavier weight, it is a more difficult weapon to use. It was originally designed for fighting on the beach as the flat side allows the opponent to be blinded in order to attack by throwing sand in his eyes.

It is composed of a handle of about 3 cm in diameter and a blade about 10 centimeters wide, on the one hand, concave and smooth and, on the other, convex with two faces. Its length is usually 1.70 m Its manufacture is usually from Beech, Oak, etc. We serve it in beech wood. reviews ekomi