Iron Tekko


Handmade. Tinted and polished iron.

*Handmade product made to order, so sometimes, if we do not have stock, it may take a few days.

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The Tekko is a fist weapon that can increase the strength of its wielder. This is a metal tool made of chrome-plated iron and handcrafted by hand. Its origin dates back to the time when the use of weapons was banned in Okinawa. That’s why horseshoes were used as a weapon to protect against surprise attacks. After several transformations, this tool was no longer used and was replaced by another version made from the horse’s stirrup, which, due to its smaller size, was easier to hide. The result is a bar, usually cylindrical, attached to a semicircular plate, with several points on its edges. The approximate measurement is the width of the fist. reviews ekomi