Japanese Blue and White Karate Tatami – JKF Approved Japanese Blue and White Karate Tatami – JKF Approved

Tatami for Karate approved by the Japanese Karate Federation. Material: Polyolefin foam.

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The main Dojos, Karate schools and gyms throughout Japan, as well as public facilities such as the Nihon Budokan, where the Karate competition will take place at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, use this tatami. It is recommended for both official competitions and training. Material: Polyolefin Foam
Manufacturing: Japan 100 %. Measures: 1,025m x 1,025 m x 15mm. Weight: 2 kg/unidad. Colour: blanco/azul reversible.

How to clean: Rub the tatami with water and / or neutral detergent with the help of a “tawashi” or something similar, such as esparto. Afterwards, rinse it well with water. Let it dry in the shade, in a place with good ventilation.

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Azul/Blanco reversible