Hakama Blue Asia


Hakama for Aikido imported from Japan. Supplement for embroidery 15 €: if you want this option, please write to info@hajimekarate.com


Hakamas are traditional Japanese pants. They were originally dressed on a kimono by members of the upper classes. Its use dates back to the Heian period (794-1185), when the women of the imperial court used culottes as the base layer of their kimono that resembled a Hakama. However, during the Kamakura period the warrior class began to use hakama commonly. It was used as a protection for riding. The Hakama was then a symbol of power as the standard costume of nobles and samurai. This became one of the most common types of pants for the village.

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Hakama Size

T18 136 to 140cm, T20 140 to 145cm, T21 150 to 154cm, T22 155 to 159cm, T23 160 to 163cm, T24 164 to 167cm, T25 168 to 170cm, T26 171 to 175cm, T27 176 to 179cm, T28 180 to 184cm, T29 185 to 189cm, T30 190 to 195cm