Beech Tonfa


Handmade. Sold as a pair.

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The tonfa is a weapon that originated in China and Okinawa, originally an instrument with a handle for turning the mill wheel, which later evolved into the modern police baton. The non-centred handle of this wooden baton makes it a very versatile weapon with two different lengths depending on the situation. It can be used to score, defend or disarm the opponent. And it is highly practical. It is traditionally used in pairs for simultaneous attacks. But its handling requires a lot of training and skill to know how to use it correctly.

It consists of a stick with a perpendicular handle attached to a third of the length of the stick. Its measures approximately 380 – 510 mm long. Sold as a pair. It is believed that the tonfa originated in China or in Southeast Asia, where it is used in the respective fighting styles. A similar tool called Mai sok san is used in Krabi-krabong and tomoi. reviews ekomi

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