Shureido Black Belt Standard Thickness | Cotton/Silk satin


Shureido Karate belt black cotton or silk satin standard thickness. The standard width of the normal thickness is 4.0 cm (approx.).
If you want to personalise your belt, we offer you two options:

  1. Embroidery in Japan: Factory customisation (Okinawa). Exceptional, handcrafted and unique finish. Non stiching-through embroidery because it is done during the manufacturing process, exclusively for you. Waiting time: 3/4 months.
  2. Embroidery in Europe: Personalisation in Europe. Fine and elegant finish. Stiching-through embroidery as it is done after the manufacturing process. Waiting time: approximately 1 month.

Customise Belt

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*Cash on delivery option not available if you choose to personalise your order.

Embroidery on belt

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Belt Size

4/270 cm, 4.5 / 280 cm, 5 / 290 cm, 5.5 / 300 cm, 6 / 310 cm, 6.5 / 320 cm, 7 / 330 cm, 7.5 / 340 cm, 8 / 350 cm


Cotton, Satin