Red tempered Wood Square


Made of mixed wood and synthetic resin. Excellent durability. MADE IN JAPAN


Mixed Wood and synthetic resin by processing in high pressure. This material is certified as an ecological material by Japanese Ministry of the environment. Strong material but easy to stamp. Hanko is a personalized name seal used in Japan since various centuries instead signatures to identify property. Square hankos are used as an organization seal such as Dojo, Club, etc. Round ones are normally for personal use. Why don’t you stamp your hanko on diplomas, letters or greeting cards? Make your unique hanko to make difference! You can choose hanko’s shape, material, model and size. If you want a totally personalized hanko or want your name in kanji, ask us! Each hanko is in a beatiful Japanese style wrapping. Ideal as a GIFT, too! Included stamp pad. MADE IN JAPAN. reviews ekomi

Additional information

Hanko Size

21 mm, 24 mm