Karategi Kaiten Eco 2



Karategi Kaiten Eco-2 for beginners. 100% cotton with a weight of 7 ounces. Strong Karategui with elastic waistband. Includes white belt

Customise Karategi

Choose the type of embroidery you want for your karategui. Please note that any modifications to the garment will be made exclusively for you, and will take between 3 and 4 months to prepare.


Emblem embroidered on chest

Embroidery at the lapel


Embroidey at Pants

Tailor-made garment

Personalizamos tus prendas para que se ajusten completamente a tu medida. Si eliges esta opción, no te preocupes por la elección de la talla. Una vez recibido el pedido nuestra especialista adaptará la talla sobre la que habrá que realizar los ajustes de medidas y te informaremos en caso de que haya que realizar algún abono o haya sobrecargo. Ten en cuenta que cualquier modificación sobre la prenda se confeccionará exclusivamente para ti, y tardará entre 3 y 4 meses su preparación.

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How to choose the size of the karategui ECO-2?

The karategui models SHIRO and ECO-2 are karateguis for beginners, white 100% cotton karate suits with white belt included.

They are thin but sturdy karateguis that last a long time and are intended to be the child’s first karate suit, so it is very important that he/she feels comfortable in them.

The Karategui weighs about 6 ounces (about 170g), has a tight fit and shrinks about 4cm so we recommend choosing a size 10cm above the Karate practitioner’s height. But if you are a very slim person, it is better to adjust to the same height.

For example, if a boy or girl who is going to start Karate is 145cm tall but is very, very slim, then we would select size 140cm, whereas if he or she is of medium build it would be best to choose size 150cm. If it is the case of a wide build, who is a very strong child, then we can even consider size 160cm.

Always bear in mind that it will shrink in length when washed, but not in width. Therefore, it is important that, before washing, we check that the width is correct, because the length of the trousers, jacket and sleeves will shrink during washing.

In the product image gallery you will see a size chart of the Eco-2 model, very similar to the Shiro size. The big difference is that the Eco-2 model weighs one ounce more (approximately 28g), the fabric is 7 ounces (198g) instead of 6 (170g). The shrinkage and cut is the same, so we recommend using Shiro up to size 160 or 170cm and move on to the Eco for beginners who would already be using size 170cm and upwards.

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Karategi Size

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100% Cotton