Shureido Straight Bo


Red oak straight bo made by hand in Okinawa, Japan. Available in 183cm and 196cm.


It is one of the most relevant tools of Okinawan Kobudo. The first recorded reference to this instrument dates back to the 17th century in a document recording its use and description. The term comes from the abbreviation of rokushakubō. The term is generally used to refer to a rod of about 180cm. Its primary use was to amplify the force of a blow by leverage or the inertial movement of the martial artist. Or even for reach objects.

Most of the martial arts that use weapons include the technique, which dates back to ancient times when samurai warriors lost the tip of the yari and were left with a rudimentary Bō.

Bōjutso is the Japanese martial art dedicated to the use of the Bō. Techniques of use are based on checking, blocking, holds, sweeps, grips, strikes, thrusts or joint dislocations and immobilisations. reviews ekomi

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183 cm, 196 cm