WKF Approved Trocellen Tatami Blue-Red Reversible

Trocellen Tatami approved by the WKF for Karate practice. WKF: World Karate Federation. Reversible: red and blue color.

Fire certificate available for +2€/plate.

Shipping costs will be quoted separately based on the number of plates purchased because it depends on the weight and total volume of the merchandise.


The Trocellen WKF tatami has been developed, tested and approved to offer the highest quality considering the needs of the competitors, the regulations of the different competitions and the requirements of the World Karate Federation. Trocellen tatamis provide the hardness the competitor needs and a non-slip surface making these mats a technically perfect tatami. It allows the athlete to concentrate as much as possible on his movements without the need to waste energy on regaining balance. It is lightweight, reversible and washable. Water injection technology has been used for the cutting system of the puzzle-finish pieces.

Dimensions; 100 cm long x 100 cm wide x 2 cm thick

Weight of each iron: 2kg

Colour: red and blue (reversible)

Minimum order: 100 sheets (100 metres). If you wish to order a smaller quantity, please choose the Tatami Multisport basic 2cm option.

Shipping costs: will be quoted separately depending on the number of plates purchased because it depends on the total weight and volume of the goods.

Material : expanded cross-linked polyethylene foam and tatami relief made of rice straw.

The kit for angles and linear edges can be ordered on request.

It is a tatami tested according to Lo | EN 1177 HIC 1,10 m (Head Injury Criteria) –



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