Handmade Sai. Sold as a pair
The handcrafted sais are made of polished iron, with a first copper bath against rust and corrosion. Then, they are covered with 15 to 20 microns of nickel. And finally they are flashed with the finish. With 24 carat chrome molybdenum for the chrome-plated version and 24 carat gold for the golden model. These sais will always look as good as new.
*Handmade product made to order, so sometimes, if we do not have stock, it may take a few days.


Handmade Sai. Made of iron.

The polypropylene string is very wear resistant and soft to the touch. The special finish with primer coats and special paint is resistant to all types of environments without rusting the iron. Sold as a pair

Sais measures:

Large 56cm
Handle 13cm

Medium 48cm
Handle 12cm

Small 43cm
Handle 10cm

Sais History

There is a theory that it is one of the agricultural tools that was converted into a weapon, but also that it was originally a weapon, introduced in Okinawa in the 16th century to maintain order.

This metal tool in the shape of a dagger is handcrafted from chrome-plated iron and is sold in pairs. It has a conical central body and at one end a cylindrical head about 2 cm in diameter, tapering towards the other end with a pointed tip (originally sharp), and two central arms that have a gripping, hooking or jabbing function. reviews ekomi

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